Found an easy way to slow down brain aging

By | August 22, 2020
Found an easy way to slow down brain aging

Over time, people dull mental functions, impaired memory. This is caused by age-related changes in the body and brain in particular. Scientists and doctors are persistently looking for ways to slow down brain aging. Most methods are based on a fairly simple principle – not to let the brain relax and degrade. Only by working, the brain can maintain its function in tone. And here’s what to occupy the brain, the big question. For example, some scientists have come to the conclusion that computer games can “load” the brain, not allowing it to grow old.

A recent study of scientists has determined the benefit of another type of load, which is difficult to call a load. It’s about music! At first glance, music is perceived by people easily. But, in fact, the brain has to work hard at a time when a person is engaged in music. Scientists have found that music is directly related to the parallel analysis of information from different senses. It requires reflection, comparisons and, do not be surprised, a mathematical approach.

The writing of musical compositions has a special burden on the brain. However, both playing instruments and listening is just a matter of straining the brain. Music classes help develop memory and executive abilities. This was proven in a study where scientists compared the abilities of people who have been engaged in music for at least 10 years and their peers who have nothing to do with music. Researchers believe that “music” therapy will help to cope with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease with the right approach.

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