Founded footballer found alive

By | May 5, 2020
Founded footballer found alive

A German footballer died in a car accident in 2016 and was recently found alive. Law enforcement officers believe that he falsified his death for the sake of insurance.
The former defender of the German football club Schalke 04, Hyannik Kamba, who was declared dead four years ago, was found alive and healthy, writes Bild.

The prosecutor’s office believes that a football player could stage his death in an accident in 2016 in order to receive insurance.
Founded footballer found alive
Then the wife of Kamba provided all the necessary documents and received insurance – a six-figure amount. It is assumed that the documents were falsified. At the moment, the 33-year-old Kamba lives in the German region of the Ruhr and works as a chemist in the energy company.

An investigation is underway.

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