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Four men paid a fine to see the snow

Four men paid a fine to see the snow

Police officers in the United Kingdom fined four men who broke quarantine rules to look at the snow. The Surrey County traffic police wrote about it in its Twitter account.
The report stated that they stopped two vehicles traveling in a convoy. There were four men in the car, all of whom live apart from each other. Police issued fines totaling 800 pounds for four quarantine violations
“They said they got out of the house just to gawk at the snow,” police added.
As Sky News notes, the UK has a strict system of fines for failing to comply with rules preventing the spread of coronavirus infection.

For example, for visiting a house party with the participation of 15 people or more will have to pay £800. In case of repeated violations, the amount of the fine will be doubled up to the maximum, which will be 6,400 pounds.

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