Four questions to Russian coronavirus vaccine in Europe

By | August 5, 2020
Four questions to Russian coronavirus vaccine in Europe

Russia is leading the race for the coronavirus vaccine, which has begun worldwide. However, many have questions about its reliability and effectiveness, writes the French edition of L’Express.

European journalists note that the public discusses four sides of the development: “What does Russia promise? At what stage are the studies? What do scientists think about it? What does the World Health Organization (WHO) say?”

According to experts, there are concerns about the speed of development of Russian vaccines – experts believe that some stages could be missed to speed up development. They compare the race for the vaccine to the launch of the USSR’s first satellite in 1957.WHO shares such concerns and has sent a warning to Russia to comply with existing protocols in the development of the vaccine. The organization’s spokesman, Christian Lindmeier, said it was necessary to make sure what the vaccine was working against, who it could help, whether it had side effects and whether it outweighed the positive qualities.

Earlier, Swedish experts shared their concerns. In their opinion, Russian scientists could hardly have time to thoroughly investigate the side effects of vaccination.

In early August, the Ministry of Defense reported on the final results of vaccination testing on volunteers. The results of medical diagnosis showed that all subjects have a clear immune response and no side effects. This speaks about the safety of the drug and its good tolerability.

The head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov noted that by the beginning of 2021 Russia will produce several million doses of coronavirus vaccines per month. According to him, the serial production of the vaccine, developed by the Gamalei Center, will begin in September.

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