France Approves Law Protecting Noisy Pets

France Approves Law Protecting Noisy Pets

French lawmakers passed an initiative that protects the noise and smells of the countryside from complaints from arriving city dwellers.

The French Senate has approved a law that protects noisy pets. This was reported by The Guardian newspaper.

Last week, French senators finally passed a legislative initiative proposed after several high-profile conflicts broke out in the countryside.

In 2019, for example, the media got the story of a loud rooster named Maurice, who was complained about in court by his owners’ neighbors. They had purchased a house nearby and were unhappy with the bird’s loud singing in the morning.

“Living in the countryside means accepting some inconveniences,” Joel Giraud, the minister in charge of the subject, told lawmakers.

The country’s environmental laws now protect cowbells (and even the smell of manure), singing crickets, and a noisy morning tractor.

It is noted that the rooster Maurice and his mistress Corinne Fesso have become the epitome of confrontation between villagers and incoming city dwellers. Thousands of people signed a petition to save Maurice, and a judge sided with the bird.

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Earlier it was reported that a court in France ruled to drain the Pescheras family’s pond because of a neighbor’s complaint about loud frog squawking.