France is investigating a leak in Macron and Putin’s negotiations

By | September 24, 2020
France is investigating a leak in Macron and Putin's negotiations

France launched an investigation after media publications about the negotiations between Presidents Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir Putin, a Foreign Ministry official said. He also stressed that leakage of confidential information is unacceptable
“Any leakage of confidential internal documents is inadmissible. For this reason, we refrain from comments. An investigation is underway,” a representative of the French Foreign Ministry told journalists, commenting on the publication.

The media revealed the content of the conversation between Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron about the situation with Alexei Navalny. On the air of radio Sputnik political analyst, Dmitry Zhuravlev expressed the opinion that the French leader can contribute to the interaction between Russia and Germany in this case.
Earlier the French newspaper Monde reported with reference to its sources that Putin in his conversation with Macron in the middle of September offered to pay attention to other versions of the incident with Alexey Navalny, in particular the ones leading to Latvia, where one of the founders of “Novichok” lives. According to the newspaper sources, the Russian leader suggested that Navalny might have been poisoned, and noted that “Novichok” is a less complex substance than one would think. According to the newspaper, the Russian president explained the absence of an official investigation by the fact that the Russian Federation has not received the data of the analysis conducted by German and French specialists.
According to the press secretary of the Russian leader Dmitry Peskov, the French newspaper could not and cannot have accurate data on the content of the conversation between the presidents, RF does not believe that the Elysian Palace “leaked” in the media conversation between the heads of two states, France can not do so.
The telephone conversation between Putin and Macron took place on September 14. The parties discussed the situation with Navalny, as the Kremlin press service reported, the presidents agreed to define the parameters of possible cooperation with European partners on this issue. At the same time, Putin told Makron about the inappropriateness of groundless accusations of Russia concerning the situation with Navalny.

“Disposable things”. Russian Foreign Ministry assessed the responses of Germany on the situation with Navalny.
On August 20, Navalny was sick aboard a plane flying from Tomsk to Moscow. The liner landed in Omsk on an emergency basis, after which the blogger was hospitalized. Russian doctors called the main diagnosis of a metabolic disorder that provoked a sharp change in blood sugar levels. No poisons or traces of them were found in the blood or urine of the opposition leader.
Later, the blogger was transferred to the Charite clinic in Berlin. He stayed in a coma for three weeks, but on September 7, German doctors reported that the patient had recovered. Now he is recovering.
At the same time, the French Foreign Ministry reported on the same day that Paris received a request from Moscow on the situation with Navalny. The diplomatic mission also said that the priority remains to shed light on the circumstances of the incident with the blogger, which took place on Russian territory.
The German authorities claim that Navalny was allegedly poisoned with a substance from the group of poisonous warfare agents “Novichok”. Moscow sent a request for more detailed information on the results of the analysis from the Berlin laboratory, but no response was forthcoming. Nevertheless, the prosecutor’s office and the police started inspections on the day Navalny was hospitalized.