France predicts loss of one million jobs in 2020

By | June 10, 2020
France predicts loss of one million jobs in 2020

At the same time, the country will peak unemployment in the middle of next year. The economic decline this year is projected at up to 10%.
In 2020, France will lose about a million jobs, and the peak of unemployment will fall in the middle of 2021. This forecast was made by the Bank of France on Wednesday, June 10.

Job cuts will occur due to the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic in France. Peak unemployment will reach 11.8%.

In addition, the economic decline this year is projected to reach 10%, although a revival of economic activity is expected in the third quarter, the central banknotes.

Nevertheless, in 2021, the economy will recover by 7%, followed by a 4% growth in 2022, but subject to the controllability of the epidemiological situation.

Recall that earlier France has already invested € 450 billion in saving the economy. This amount is 20% of national wealth. In the French Ministry of Economy, they say that the debt will need to be repaid, but not “right now.”

It was also reported that Macron announced the “return of happy days” to France. The resumption of cafes and restaurants will enable the French to regain the French spirit, the president said.

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