France responded harshly to Macron’s comparison with the Nazis.

By | November 21, 2020
France responded harshly to Macron's comparison with the Nazis.

The French Foreign Ministry strongly condemned statements by Pakistan’s Human Rights Minister Shirin Mazari, who compared French President Emmanuel Macron’s actions against Muslims with those of the Nazis against Jews, calling the statements “brazen lies imbued with hate ideology.
“Member of Pakistani government expressed in social networks in a deeply shocking and offensive way towards the president of the republic and our country. These disgusting words are blatant lies imbued with the ideology of hatred and violence. Such libel is unworthy of this level of responsibility. We firmly reject them,” the French Foreign Ministry spokesman said in a statement on Twitter concerning the words of a Pakistani minister.

“We immediately and in the strongest possible terms expressed our condemnation of the Chargé d’affaires a.i. of Pakistan in Paris. Pakistan must correct these statements and return to the path of respectful dialogue,” the Foreign Ministry spokesman said.
On her Twitter page, the Pakistani minister wrote, “The Macron is doing to Muslims what the Nazis have done to Jews: Muslim children will receive identification numbers (other children will not), just as Jews were forced to wear a yellow star on their clothes for identification. The minister attached a link to her entry on the portal