France suffers from flooding, there are dead

In one area, only 24 hours of rain fell than in the whole of the previous year, which provoked consequences.
France was hit by heavy rains that caused flooding, killing three people, Sky News reported.
The city of Beziers has suffered the most in recent days.

Dozens of people were forced to flee their homes after rivers destroyed their banks. Cars were swept away and streets and roads were badly damaged and covered in mud. Blocks of cement were moved by the force of floodwaters,” – said in a statement.

More than 2,000 people have been involved in the elimination of the consequences of bad weather. emergency workers.
It is noted that more rain fell in the area in 24 hours than in the whole of the previous year, as severe storms hit the Mediterranean Sea and inland areas.
Recall, as a result of heavy rains in the Spanish province of Catalonia, flooded, which killed one person and two more are missing.
And in the northern states of India in a few days killed 127 people as a result of powerful monsoon rains floods and landslides.

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