Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Germany): he leans on the sword

Many Russians live in poverty, but more and more money is spent on the army. The victory parade in Moscow shows that Putin’s choice of action has decreased.

The ninth day of may, Russia again meets with a military parade on the red square, which the country celebrates the victory of the Soviet Union in world war II and also demonstrates its combat readiness. And as every year shortly before the parade warm may evenings overlaps several streets in the center of Moscow to polished to a Shine tank, rocket launchers, anti-aircraft, and Intercontinental missiles could rehearse their exemplary travel. These days the special police in camouflage uniforms do not let passengers from some metro stations in the city. Underground passages, over which heavy machinery passes, are reinforced with additional steel supports.

Russia is not easily given its militarism. While the real incomes of citizens are falling for the fifth year in a row, the state is investing heavily in the armed forces and security structures, as well as modernizing its Nuclear Arsenal. One liberal-minded artist — he did not allow his name to be called – bitterly joked that President Putin, to raise his rating among the population, will soon need to find a new target for the attack. One journalist, who also wished to remain unnamed, believes that Putin has put himself in a situation in which he is in addition to aggression, no other options for action are practically left. And one musicologist, who also attaches great importance to anonymity, says that the Kremlin chief simply learned lessons from recent history.\Combat readiness for the sake of cohesion

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These lessons teach that regimes that do not threaten the world with nuclear missiles are easy to overthrow — so it happened with Iraq and Libya; that Russia, hardly able to give its neighbors impulses for economic or technological development, can stop the reduction of its zone of influence only by military force or the threat of its use; that the ruler, holding his people in a black body, but possessing nuclear missiles, enjoys the respect of America trump, that is the main power of NATO. Indeed, the right of the strong has not been canceled. Therefore, it is symptomatic that the bronze statue of Prince Vladimir, the Baptist of Russia and also the patron Saint of Putin, which the President ordered to put at the Kremlin, rests on a massive sword.

The moral values of Putin, who is considered a zealous Orthodox believer, include the high defense capability of the country. And probably, the victory over Hitlerite Germany got 74 years ago at the cost of huge victims — the most important clip uniting society. The country has military muscle, and soldiers marching and saluting in perfect, moving like a single organism column seem really proud and happy. Therefore, the military parade is followed by the action “Immortal regiment”, during which citizens carry portraits of relatives who fought during the Second world war, through the city center as in some religious procession. However, the belief that in the foreseeable future they will be able to afford democracy, the majority of Russian, apparently, lost.

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