French parliament passes law legalizing marijuana

Patients who suffer from incurable diseases and complications due to chemotherapy will be eligible to use marijuana.
France’s lower house of parliament has passed a law allowing the use of marijuana for medical purposes. This is reported by France 24 on Friday, October 25.

It is noted that now the document must be approved by the Senate and signed by the president. About three thousand patients who suffer from incurable diseases, epilepsy, spasmodic pain, convulsions, multiple sclerosis, complications due to chemotherapy will get the right to use the product.

According to the law, doctors of several hospitals will be able to prescribe marijuana to the patient in France. First, marijuana can be obtained from the pharmacy of the hospital that issued the prescription, and then – in the pharmacy in the community. The drug will be available in the form of dried leaves and cones of the plant, herbal teas, and oils.

Previously, the U.S. state of New York allowed the use of marijuana. Residents of the state can consume and store up to 60 grams of cannabis. If the amount of marijuana found during the search exceeds 140 grams, its owner will pay a fine of $200.

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As reported, in Ukraine the legalization of medical marijuana is supported by more than half of citizens.