A French politician called for the use of Sputnik V

A French politician called for the use of Sputnik V

France should abandon its politicized approach to vaccines against a new type of coronavirus and start using the Russian drug Sputnik V, the leader of the leftist movement “Unsubdued France” Jean-Luc Melachnon is convinced.
The politician considered the position of the French authorities on Sputnik V “stupid” because French experts who were in Russia confirmed the effectiveness of the drug.

“I believe that in this case, the national origin of the vaccine does not matter in the slightest <...> It is necessary to abandon the ideological approach to health problems. If a quality vaccine exists somewhere, it should be imported into France,” Melachnon stressed.

He also urged the country’s authorities to use the Cuban vaccine against COVID-19, Sobérana 02.

Earlier, a representative of the French government assured that France is interested in access to effective vaccines against coronavirus from Russia and other countries.

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