G20 Holds First-ever Virtual Summit

G20 Holds First-ever Virtual Summit

The leaders of the countries Big twenty have decided to hold an emergency summit via video link due to pandemic coronavirus.
The leaders of the Big twenty Thursday, March 26, held their first-ever summit in the videoconference. As reports TV channel al-Arabiya, the meeting devoted to measures to combat coronavirus.

In the G20 this year holds the presidency of Saudi Arabia. The summit is scheduled for November, but because of the situation in the world, the leaders decided to hold urgent negotiations.
Corollary Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud expressed hope that the emergency G20 summit will unite international efforts to combat coronavirus.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, the king stressed that the pandemic is a humanitarian crisis that requires an urgent and global response. “The world is waiting for “twenty” uniting to combat coronavirus”, – quotes its words TV channel Al Hadath.

“We meet, demonstrating our responsibility as leaders of the largest economies in the world to counter the pandemic of coronavirus, which requires us to take decisive measures on different levels,” said Salman bin Abdul Aziz al Saud.

In a statement, King said: “I hope that the initiatives of leaders of “twenty” will meet the aspirations of the peoples of the world.”

According to media reports, the summit will agree on an “action plan” which was developed by the Finance Ministers and managers of Central Banks “the twenty”. According to the Minister of Finance of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Abdullah al-Jadaan, the plan aimed at stabilizing the global economy and financial markets given the overall decline in production and business activities.At the moment in the world of recorded 474 204 case COVID-19. 21 353 people died, 115 003 recovered.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic and the collapse in oil prices, the world economy has lost trillions of dollars and the situation continues to deteriorate. The current situation in the world has already recognized more severe than during the crisis in 2008.

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