G7 countries to respond jointly to threat of coronavirus

By | February 3, 2020
G7 countries to respond jointly to threat of coronavirus

Germany believes that it makes no sense for countries, especially in western Europe, to take action alone.
The G7 countries agree to jointly respond to the spread of the new coronavirus. This was announced by the Minister of Health of Germany Jens Span, Radio Liberty reports.

Span noted that a conference of G7 health ministers is planned on this issue.

“There is no point in one country taking action, especially in Europe,” Span added.

As you know, the G7 includes Great Britain, Italy, Canada, Germany, the USA, France, and Japan.

Recall that in the last 24 hours in China from coronavirus died 57 people and found 2,829 new cases. In other Asian countries, 96 people are infected with coronavirus, 23 in Europe, 13 in North America, 12 in Australia and five in other regions of the world.

Meanwhile, in Italy isolated coronavirus, which should help in its study. It will be available to the entire international community.

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