Gene of unknown extinct hominids found in genome of Africans

Gene of unknown extinct hominids found in genome of Africans

An international team of scientists conducted a study that examined the genomes of West African peoples. It turned out that in the genome of Africans there are up to 19% of genes unknown extinct hominids.

Scientists explained that the mixed genome for Africans is normal, as there have been mass migrations here in the past. For example, Neanderthal genes came from Eurasia to Africa.

In the latest study, scientists discovered a genome that had never been seen before. The genome of unknown hominids was found in the West African peoples Yoruba and Mende. According to preliminary estimates, the age of unknown to science hominids is about 24,000 years.

At the same time on the continent, there were migrations: Europeans returned to the continent, bringing with them the genes of Neanderthals and probably other hominids.

The authors note that the existence of a mysterious group of hominids in Africa is indicated by some archaeological finds. Thus, some remains dating back 16,000 years are found too ancient and primitive features, already uncharacteristic for residents of the late Stone Age.

But we can’t tell yet if there were hominids. There is no archaeological evidence yet,
Scientists write.
By studying the genome, the scientists concluded that the mutations accumulated in the genes were inherited from unknown hominids that separated from our ancestors 1.1 million years ago.

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