A German citizen was accused of spying for Russia

A German citizen was accused of spying for Russia

The suspect worked for a company that was involved in the maintenance of the Bundestag

The German prosecutor’s office has filed espionage charges against a man suspected of handing over plans of the parliament building to Russian secret services, which may further escalate tensions between Berlin and Moscow.

The suspect, a German citizen named Jens F., worked for a company with which the Bundestag had repeatedly contracted to conduct regular inspections of electrical equipment in the parliament premises.

“Against this background, the defendant had access to PDF files with floor plans” of parliamentary premises, federal prosecutors said.

In the summer of 2017, the suspect allegedly decided to pass the information on to Russian intelligence agencies.

“To do this, he prepared a data carrier with the relevant PDF files and sent it to an employee of the Russian embassy in Berlin, who works mainly for the GRU,” the prosecutor’s office said.

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