German Foreign Ministry contacts with Russian counterparts on Navalny situation

By | August 21, 2020
German Foreign Ministry contacts with Russian counterparts on Navalny situation

German authorities are in contact with their Russian counterparts in the situation with Alexei Navalny, who was hospitalized in Omsk, German Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Sidebar said.
“The German authorities are already in contact with our Russian counterparts so that we can contribute to the search for a transparent and professional solution to this humanitarian emergency,” she said at a briefing on Friday.
Referring to the plane, which went from Nuremberg to Omsk to transport Navalny to Berlin for treatment, Sidebar noted that “it is a private initiative, the German government is aware of this.”
Earlier, the German newspaper Bild reported that the medical plane took off on Friday night from the airport in the German city of Nuremberg. The media assumes that Navalny plans to deliver to the Berlin clinic “Charite”. According to FlightRadar service, the plane landed at Omsk airport at 12.10 local time (09.10 GMT), the air harbor confirmed the arrival. According to Anatoly Kalinichenko, deputy head of the Omsk Emergency Medical Hospital No.1, who voiced the opinion of the medical board, at present it is impossible Navalny to say that the transport of the patient is appropriate and safe. “This wish should come from the encirclement of Navalny, then we will be ready to do it,” Seibert said.
Asked whether Merkel had called Russian President Vladimir Putin on the situation with Navalny, Seibert said no. Asked whether there would be such a call, he said that the Cabinet does not announce the Chancellor’s telephone conversations.
The official representative of the German Cabinet also answered questions about the importance of Navalny for Berlin.
“”We are constantly talking not only about Navalny but also about other representatives of the Russian opposition, representatives of civil society, journalists because we closely monitor how the government in Russia is treated with such forces,” the politician said.
“Now he is in a Siberian hospital with severe symptoms, so our wishes now, first of all, is his speedy recovery. In the foreground is not how we assess individual political actions or positions, but the fact that the opposition politician ended up in the hospital with suspicion of sending, which we for logical reasons can not assess from here. We want him to receive all possible medical care that can save him,” Sandberg explained.
On Thursday, the plane, which Navalny was flying from Tomsk to Moscow, landed in Omsk because the oppositionist became ill. He was admitted to the hospital of emergency medicine number 1, the regional health ministry reported that the patient is in intensive care. Navalny spokeswoman Kira Yarmish has previously suggested that Navalny has toxic poisoning. The hospital said that poisoning is only one of the possible causes of the Navalny, the hospitalized receives all the necessary care, but is in a coma. The deputy doctor of the Omsk Hospital of Emergency Medical Aid No.1 Anatoly Kalinichenko on Friday morning reported that those studies that have already been performed, poisons, and traces of their stay in the blood or urine of the patient have not been revealed. Later, the head doctor of the hospital Alexander Murakhovsky told reporters that doctors consider the main working diagnosis of the state of health Navalny metabolic disorders, which caused a sharp drop in blood sugar.

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