German media revealed the ins and outs of American sanctions against Nord Stream 2

German media revealed the ins and outs of American sanctions against Nord Stream 2

When the Russian pipe-laying vessel Akademik Cherskiy arrived from the Sea of ​​Japan to the Baltic Sea to complete the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, the true motives of Washington, which was actively opposing the implementation of this gas transportation project, became clear, the German newspaper Die Welt writes.

The publication notes that the Russians want to bring the project, which has already spent a lot of money, to their logical conclusion, and to launch SP-2 in operation. However, the Americans in every way counteract this. The US Congress is already considering options for various additional restrictions against companies that are somehow related to the project.

Washington claims that if the gas pipeline is launched, Berlin will definitely become a “hostage” of Moscow, stressing that US actions are dictated solely by the “energy independence and security of Europe” and does not pursue other goals. At the same time, the Americans are trying in every possible way to impose on Europe, which they allegedly bake, their expensive liquefied natural gas.

After that, Die Welt decided to find out whether Washington really cares about Europe or whether they have other more material motives. As a result, the newspaper revealed the true ins and outs of American sanctions against SP-2 and came to the conclusion that the Donald Trump administration, in reality, pursues goals that differ significantly from those stated. The White House is trying to turn the United States into a world-class gas power at the expense of Europe.

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Every year, American companies produce more and more gas, and prices for this energy carrier in the United States began to decline. Therefore, Washington decided to improve the situation at the expense of the European market, directing surpluses there. However, in Europe, there was little space for American companies. Almost 40% of the European market is occupied by the Russian gas giant PJSC Gazprom.

Now Americans are pushing their European partners to increase US LNG consumption. Senator Ted Cruz, being one of the main initiators of the sanctions against SP-2, is more likely to care about gas production in Texas, which is represented by, rather than Germany, the German publication reveals the duplicity of American politicians.