German Railways disgraced with the Wehrmacht flag

German Railways disgraced with the Wehrmacht flag

In the German segment of social networks, there is a snapshot of a construction shed, inside which the flag of the Hitlerite Wehrmacht is visible.

On the flag there is an imperial eagle of the Third Reich with a swastika in an oak wreath and the inscription: “Wehrmacht. Denn was? ” (“The Wehrmacht. What is this?”). The photo was taken by an Internet user in Frankfurt am Main, who saw a flag in a construction container belonging to German Railways.

“How is it possible for such a right-wing extremist flag to hang in your container at a construction site on the Weilburger Strasse in Frankfurt?” – asked the blogger.
Representatives of Deutsche Bahn hastened to disown the dubious shed, writing in a microblog that the container belonged to an external contractor.

“We are studying what legal measures we can take against the contractor,” the company said, adding that the flag was immediately removed after the photograph was released.
EADaily notes that there are T-shirts on free sale in online stores that read: “Wehrmacht. Denn was? ” and the same Nazi eagle.

We also add that on the eve of the German state channel ZDF launched the action “My Nazi Past”) urging young Germans not to hesitate to talk about their grandfathers and grandmothers who served in the NSDAP. As a result, of lyrical music, the grandchildren of the Nazis humanize their ancestors, and all this is interspersed with pictures of smiling fascists, their Frau with flowers, and heartfelt handwritten letters.

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“With the collapse of the USSR, we missed the moment when the soldiers of the Wehrmacht ceased to be fascists (‘Hitler chased the boys’), and now the Nazis, while the lower level, are becoming ‘loving grandfathers’. And there is no force that would resist the systemic whitewashing of the plague historical memory of Germany, ”comments the Telegram channel Partizan Vypolzov.