German special services concerned about the growing influence of the “Chechen mafia” – media

In Germany, the influence of the “Chechen mafia” is growing, writes “Spiegel” May 9. According to the publication, the German specialists of the Department for combating organized crime during the year collected information about the most prominent segments of Chechen society in Germany. In addition to the nine criminal investigation offices, intelligence services, customs and the office of migration and refugees were involved.

Chechens today dominate in all spheres of criminal activity and show extreme cruelty, the newspaper writes with reference to the report of the special services. “They demonstrate a more than average propensity for escalation and violence and are increasingly associated with murder,” the document is quoted as saying.

If earlier Chechen criminals acted as “providers of criminal services”, now, according to the Federal criminal police Department, they have opened their own sources of income. Especially in areas such as drug trafficking, gang theft, and extortion, often in connection with debt collection orders. In addition, the gangs seem to be trying to get confidential information from the security authorities – a tactic is known among the “Italian mafia”. They thus study the locations of the special police services and how they work, add “Spiegel”.

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The report expressed concern that the “Chechen mafia” may begin to cooperate with extremists, but the German law enforcement authorities have no evidence of such cooperation yet.

The “close connection” within the Chechen ethnic group makes it much more difficult to attract informants and use undercover investigators. The common denominator is “loyalty to a largely isolated community that is clearly distinct from the core values of pluralistic, liberal forms of society,” the report said.

According to investigators, the fundamental differences between hostile camps are often overshadowed by criminal operations. For example, opponents and supporters of the Chechen dictator Ramzan Kadyrov stick together when it matters, the newspaper notes.

The police estimate the number of North Caucasians in Germany to be as high as 50,000, of which about 80 percent are Chechens (i.e. 40,000).

In General, German analysts recognize the significant threat posed by Chechen criminal groups. In addition, they do not expect a significant reduction in the entry from the North Caucasus. The security services complain that can not be expelled from Germany Chechens, are related to the category of especially dangerous, concludes “Der Spiegel”.

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