Germany calls for sanctions against Russia over Syria

Germany calls for sanctions against Russia over Syria

Norbert Rettgen, head of the Bundestag’s international policy committee, commented and assessed the Russian Federation’s influence on the situation in Syria.

Norbert Rettgen stressed that Russia is a key player in Syria, on which depends not only on the current state of affairs but also on the future scenario of events. The Russian government is relied on and hoped to give a logical opinion about Moscow’s high value in Syria.

Given the high degree of influence of the Russian Federation on the international order and the situation in Syria, it is necessary to limit the spheres of cooperation and exert the necessary pressure to contain the harmful impact that can be exerted by the Russian government in Syria.

Thus, Germany called on the international political community to engage in the issue and to resolve problems that could potentially develop into more unpredictable consequences. To achieve the goals, it is necessary to resort to the most popular and favorite method of the West. We are talking about political and economic sanctions that will keep the Russian Federation and secure the geopolitical space.

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