In the Bundestag developed the recommendations for the conquest of Russia. Germany came up with a new plan to “conquer” Russia. Not a “lightning” as the plan “Barbarossa”, but its also unexpected. The Russians want to “lure” and “reforge”. That is “happiness”, for which Ukraine had actually committed suicide, we are promised next to nothing. Exclusively to us, “dark” and “deceived Putin’s propaganda”, to open eyes to the achievements of Western civilization. To remove visa restrictions with the Russian citizens — so they could “free your mind” from “poisoning the Kremlin’s disinformation” — offers a Bundestag Deputy from the green Party, Marieluise Beck. This is the fifth item in the list of recommendations for Europe on how to deal with Russia in the future. The list was published by Frau Beck in the German edition of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (translation of the material presented on the site Inotv). “The more Russians see the West with its freedom of expression and the media, no corruption of deceit, the sooner shaken the authoritarian regime in the Kremlin. We must show that the allegedly decadent West makes possible a better life” — wrote the MP. Well, what about the freedom of expression, media freedom and lack of corruption, it is, of course, got excited. Here, her main opponent would be the President of the United States Donald Trump, who now knows almost all about the “objectivity” of the media in the country. And blown calls them “sensations” not only as fake news. But hardly Frau interested in the opinion of trump. She teaches EU colleagues, how to deal with “asymmetric” Russia.

Teaches, however, the old-fashioned way: gathered in their “training manual” all known Russophobic cliches like “misinformation is an important tool of Russia’s leadership”, “the Kremlin relies on the collapse of the West”, “Brexit was a success for Putin, the EU relies on the force of law, Putin uses the strong law”, etc., but not even brought under some logical justification. Not to mention the evidence. Pro-European “force of law” we are all too well known. We remember how European Atlanticists, under the guise of this law, debit Yugoslavia. And where it came from Kosovo. Only Kosovo without Serbia for some reason — Sehr gut, and the Crimea with Russia — Schlecht. And it turns out that this is “Russian propaganda spread a legend about Russia surrounded by NATO” that, according to Beck, “thus to influence the minds of the citizens of the West.” That is, not rattles Alliance at our borders for any reason, weapons… does Not conduct military exercises with “Russian flair”… does Not host U.S. missile defense system in former socialist countries Poland and Romania…

But enough to take a map of NATO bases, and what the Race calls “Russian propaganda”, takes a very concrete and real. And — Yes! — we need these outlines do not like. However, some Western politicians somehow believe that the better we know what we like and do not like. And even allow themselves to judge down on our “freedom” and “unfreedom” — although in Russia, most likely, never was. I wonder where will lead them to this arrogance? This and other questions “SP” addressed leading researcher of the RAS Institute of Europe, Germanovich Kamkin Alexander: In his time in Washington, in Bonn, too, was an army of Sovietologists, who or, indeed, never in the Soviet Union there have been born in exile, or even was, shall we say, self-styled experts. They also wrote a whole slew of anti-Soviet libel, analytical notes, recommendations and so on. so on. Now intensified, apparently, their students. But the idea of Preveza, in principle, may be common. In any case, it will be a little more economical to travel abroad. Because of the contacts, despite all the difficulties in our relations with the West, quite intense. Millions of citizens go either as tourists or on business visas or in scientific exchange. And I don’t have to pay the visa fee — which means visa-free regime- it would probably be even a good idea. As for the European and American “virtues” compared to “Putin’s hell”… you know, everyone with a head on their shoulders can see where better, where worse. Again, we all have our preferences. Someone can not live, for example, no gay pride parades. And he will certainly be delighted to be anywhere in San Francisco or in Berlin in the atmosphere. Someone, say, like the Italian landscapes and Parmesan cheese — without it can not live… And someone on the contrary. Came, saw… and pulls to get home. Basically, who wants to travel around the world, that goes — with visas, without visas. Who wants to leave Russia, he goes — today restrictions on this point. — The case is not just bitwise, which the Bundestag was going to have to re-educate. It’s her ideas about Russia — distorted and hostile…

If you take the background as a whole, the green party has always been distinguished from aggressive ultra-liberalism and rejection of the values of family, national state, national culture, national culture. Therefore, the desire to spread everywhere the cult of same-sex marriages, the cult of addiction, the cult of pedophilia, destruction of the national state, the transformation of Europe into a bunch of, shall we say, amorphous gray mass, it is contrary to the vector of development of our country. And those European States that still want to keep at least part of their identity, their color, their sovereignty. In this respect, the Green Party acts as an ardent Atlanticist, even surpassing in many respects the degree of its Atlanticist party of Merkel’s CDU. They are the harshest critics of Russia when it comes to the promotion of our national policy and protects national interests within the country and abroad. — And a lot of them in the sense of followers in Germany? — According to opinion polls, the green ready to vote about 9% of the electorate. Of course, not just because they indiscriminately criticize Russia. There is, so to speak, the solid core of loyal voters — the supporters of this party, which was formed in the late 80s early 90s It various “environmentalists” — fighters for the preservation of the environment. In fact, this was originally the main direction of this party. But then she went into a political ultra-liberalism and began to fight for the rights of all minorities, etc. So you can not say that many supporters. However, they are.

But this lady is calling to “break the Kremlin, does not understand Russia… Is there a common “disease”? — I would say that, in our view, there is much different Germanium. And in their view, there are many different Russias. For rabid Western liberal Russia are Pavlensky and pussy Wright. Intelligent liberal is more, you may remember parsnip or Novodvorskaya.. — Today Director of Silver in the trend… Yes, of course. But — once again — for those people in Germany who, for example, stands still for the preservation of economic and political sovereignty, Russia is associated with completely different personalities. For Professor of Russian literature at the University of göttingen, for example, Russia is Dostoevsky, Tolstoy’s, Pushkin’s, etc. But for this Frau Beck, sadly, Russia is likely to be associated clearly not with Tolstoy or Dostoevsky. But we have the same thing. Someone who admires the quality of the German automotive industry. Someone German football. Someone also has a particular fetish. And someone is reading Goethe in the original. Accordingly, images of Russia in Germany, as well as images of Germany in Russia a great many. And for a person with certain, shall we say, Outlook on life, with a particular credo, if you like, the image of these two countries, of course, will be different. Here – I repeat after the famous German classic – being determines consciousness. The being of the deputy Beck determines the image of Russia in her mind. – The problem is that it gives the whole European Union advice that, in general, will not bring to good … – Of course. But do not forget that a month later the elections in Germany. Therefore, populism is not only characteristic of right-wing or ultra-left politicians but also ultra-green. There are not so many bright and biting ones that can attract attention. And the greens have a real chance to get around a bit of the Free Democrats and the Left. That is, compete for third place in electoral preferences. And perhaps even enter the ruling coalition. Naturally, they now need to pedal, to attract increased public attention, including the craziest projects and initiatives, which, in fact, Frau Beck is engaged in. “But why do they all raise their rating on hatred of Russia?” “You see, drawing attention to yourself by shitting loudly is much easier than doing something creative.

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