This opinion was voiced by the Deputy Director General of the Institute of national energy Alexander Frolov.

“Declaration of Berlin that he was not willing to put up with the sanctions against the “Nord stream-2″ – clearly political. The leadership of Germany officially announced its position to Washington in response to open threats of repression. It implies that Germany does not intend to change its positions on the construction of the gas pipeline from Russia, and will do everything to circumvent the sanctions, in case of their introduction. German companies already have a certain opt-in in this area, it is enough to recall the precedent with Siemens turbines in the Crimea.

At the same time, Berlin understands that the construction of Nord stream 2 has already been financed by more than 80%, and our sanctions can no longer have a decisive impact on the project. There are only certain difficulties that Americans can create the construction process. But these problems will only delay the launch of the gas pipeline for a while – they cannot block the project. At the same time, sanctions will create problems in relations between the US and Europe,” the expert notes.

The German Ministry of economy and energy responded to the threats of us energy Minister Rick Perry to impose sanctions against companies involved in the construction of Nord stream-2. “We have taken note of these statements, but do not comment on them. In principle, we reject sanctions that have an extraterritorial impact,” Berlin said. Perry may 21 in Kiev expressed the hope that sanctions against the Russian-German pipeline will be introduced – us Congress is preparing a bill.

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“The threats of the States to the “Nord stream-2” today are due to several reasons, primarily domestic American policy. There started the election race when potential presidential candidates begin to announce their intentions and build a political program. The current President Donald Trump wants to be re-elected, which means that he needs to confirm his successes over the previous years of rule. However, he has almost nothing to boast about.

In the confrontation with North Korea, the Americans were forced to shamefully retreat, the crisis in relations with Iran trump aggravated, the trade war with China does not seem to be winning. The only thing that us President can hardly write in his victories – he corrected the trade and economic balance with Europe. In this situation, to impose sanctions on EU companies means a step back. Trump only deliberately demonstrates its superiority over the Europeans – threats and attempts to dictate,” — said the expert.

Energy dictates

The US initially opposed the construction of Nord stream 2 and stated that it planned to supply liquefied gas to Europe. The Kremlin has repeatedly pointed to Washington’s attempts to politicize the project in order to achieve economic and political preferences. Moscow and Berlin have repeatedly stressed that the pipeline under construction is a purely economic initiative beneficial to both sides. However, the US has always translated the discussion into politics – “Nord stream-2” allegedly puts the EU dependent on Russia.

The operator of the project of construction of “Nord stream-2” — 2, Nord Stream AG, the sole shareholder — the Russian “Gazprom”. Its partners are Wintershall and Uniper (Germany), OMV (Austria), Engine (France) and Royal Dutch Shell (UK and Netherlands). These companies Finance 50% of the project. After Perry’s speech, the representative of Nord Stream-2 Stefan Ebert told RBC that Gazprom and investors of the project “are fully committed to it, as well as Nord Stream 2 suppliers”.

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“Obtaining economic preferences for its liquefied natural gas (LNG) for Americans is certainly important – finding a guaranteed market for its goods means obtaining stable profits. However, the US is primarily interested in the political aspect of stopping the construction of Nord stream 2. States are rapidly losing their recently undivided influence on the world, and they do not like it.

From the Middle East, Americans have almost forced to leave. Russia and China are becoming increasingly formidable opponents, and Iran is openly showing defiance. And even the small leader of isolated North Korea showed that he was not afraid of us aircraft carrier barraging near the coast of his country. And Europe, which until recently demonstrated full loyalty, suddenly began to show more independence in its policy.

The ideal option for Americans is to cut off the EU from Russian gas, putting the EU in full dependence on the supply of its LNG. Then Washington at any time will be able to block the supply of energy to achieve from the EU any beneficial step because to remain without energy and heat – the threat is quite terrible. “Nord stream-2″ puts an end to these plans of Washington.

Understand it and the Europeans, and therefore the objections on their part towards the US, there are increasing dramatically,” — concludes Alexander Frolov.