Germany leading EU Council appeals to Russia

By | July 1, 2020
Germany leading EU Council appeals to Russia

Since July 1, Germany has taken the leading post in the Council of the European Union with a political statement addressed to Russia.

Recall that from today the presidency of the Council of the European Union has passed to Germany. In this regard, the Ambassador of Germany to Moscow, Geza Andreas von Geir, spoke. According to the diplomat, Europe is extremely important for Germany, because it was precise “a united Europe that became a lesson for us that we learned from the monstrous wars of the previous century.”

He also addressed Russia, expressing hope for close cooperation.

“I really hope that we will also find answers to this or that question together with Russia,” he said, noting that all the questions facing Germany and Russia will not lose their relevance today and tomorrow.

“Therefore, we, I am convinced of this, in the long term and will again strive to interact more closely – how closely we are connected by our history,” he stressed.

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