Germany protests against quarantine

Germany protests against quarantine

In Cologne, police recorded cases where protesters called on customers to take off their masks at the entrance to the store; in Berlin, protesters threw bottles at the police.
Germany swept protests against the quarantine, police detained dozens of people, Radio Liberty reports.
In Berlin, law enforcement officers detained 86 people after demonstrators began throwing bottles at security forces at Alexanderplatz, at least one police officer was injured.
In Dortmund, a 23-year-old man attacked a film crew during a protest. The attacker was detained.
In Cologne, police recorded cases where protesters called on buyers to take off their masks when entering stores.
In Munich, police through loudspeakers called on protesters to comply with social distance rules to minimize the risk of coronavirus infection.
Recall that in Germany they decided to extend restrictions on social contacts until June 5, but with mitigations. The government decided that in the future it will be possible to meet members of two households

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