Germany wanted to get rid of U.S. soldiers and bombs

By | October 25, 2019
Germany wanted to get rid of U.S. soldiers and bombs

The U.S. military needs to be withdrawn from Germany because its presence violates a number of agreements and is also used to increase tensions with Russia. This is stated in the address of the deputies of the German left party to the government, the document was read by RT.

According to lawmakers, U.S. troops are “moving from one base to another, approaching Russia’s western border.” They believe that such actions are contrary to the 1990 Treaty 2/4 (The Final Settlement Treaty for Germany). The agreement, in particular, implies that foreign troops and nuclear weapons will not be deployed in the east of the country.

In addition, the Left considers the presence of the U.S. military in Poland and the Baltics to be wrong. ” (This) jeopardizes the fundamental act of Russia-NATO, the last still-existing agreement between the West and Russia on the limitation of non-nuclear weapons,” the party said. U.S. soldier. The country will have to spend more than 70 million euros on the presence of Americans and other groups in 2020 alone.

For all these reasons, the Left is calling for the cancellation of the troop deployment treaty and the NATO status agreement and to clear the country of U.S. soldiers and U.S. nuclear bombs in two years. The presence of the latter in Europe, including at the airbase in the German Buchel, was accidentally revealed in July.

Earlier it was reported that the Bundestag rejected the proposal of opposition politicians to lift sanctions against Russia. The idea was put forward by the parties “Left” and “Alternative for Germany”: they proposed not to extend restrictive measures and to pursue a policy of cooperation, rather than confrontation with Russia.

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