Giant Hornet Killers Appear in the US

Giant Hornet Killers Appear in the US

Experts fear that somehow the evil insect that came from Asia to the United States may settle in the New World and destroy bee populations.
Asian giant hornets recently appeared in the United States and immediately became a big problem for beekeepers. People complain that these insects destroy bee populations, writes The New York Times.

The publication cites the example of beekeeper Ted McFall of Washington. A man, arriving at his apiary, discovered thousands of bee corpses on the ground.

McFall is sure that huge Asian hornets (Vespa mandarinia), whose wingspan can reach nine or more centimeters, have dealt with them.

American beekeepers first discovered such hornets last year.

These insects are dangerous not only for bees but also for humans. So, their bite can result in death for a person. In Japan, about 50 people become victims of giant hornets each year.

Beekeepers fear that Asian “guests” may destroy bee populations in the United States.

As we wrote earlier, in China they found a giant hornet unknown to science. The wingspan of an insect reaches more than 9 centimeters. This is the largest instance of the previously known.

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It was also reported that a snake fight with a hornet hit the video.