Giuliani’s partner warns Kiev about freezing military aid

Lev Parnassus claims that he went to Ukraine before the inauguration of Vladimir Selensky and handed over an ultimatum in the direction of the lawyer of the Us President.

Accused U.S. businessman Lev Parnassus traveled to Ukraine shortly before the inauguration of President Vladimir Zelensky to warn the new leadership of the country about the freezing of military aid, if there is no open investigation against Joe Biden and his son. This was reported by The New York Times on November 10.

In addition to suspending military aid, Parnassus warned the Ukrainian side that Vice President Mike Pence would not attend the inauguration unless an investigation was announced.

Parnassus’s lawyer, Joseph Bondi, said his client acted on the instructions of the lawyer, U.S. President Rudolph Giuliani. He, in turn, acted on the instructions of Donald Trump.

Giuliani himself denies the allegations.

Schaefer confirmed to the newspaper that the meeting was indeed there, but the issue of military assistance was not raised. According to him, Parnassus and Fructan wanted to meet with Giuliani.

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The aide of Zelinsky claims that the Ukrainian side did not perceive businessmen as official representatives and did not believe that they could represent the U.S. government.

At the same time, Parnassus’ lawyer stressed that if Schaefer did not believe that Parnassus was speaking on behalf of Trump, he would not have been at the meeting.

The publication notes that these allegations cast doubt on the way Trump and Ukrainian officials presented the events, as well as prove that Giuliani was involved in threats to the Ukrainian side.

However, the newspaper notes that despite the importance of Parnassus’ testimony, none of those involved denied that the meeting was held, and only he says that its purpose was to present an ultimatum to the Ukrainian leadership.

Recall partners Rudy Giuliani Leo Parnassus and Igor Furman, who helped him solve the “Ukrainian issue” were arrested in the United States on October 10.

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