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Gold Found in Urine of Rare Indian Cows

After four years of research at Junagadh Agricultural University, scientists in the western Indian state of Gujarat have recovered gold from the urine of a rare local breed of cattle.
“We heard about the presence of gold in cow urine from our ancient writings and its healing properties,” says Dr. B.A. Golakia, head of the biotechnology department at JAU, told The Times of India. “Since there was no detailed scientific analysis to prove this, we decided to conduct a cow urine test.”

An analysis of samples from 400 cows found traces of ionized gold salts in the urine of young calves, mature cows and elderly cows that had passed the day giving milk. Scientists were able to isolate, precipitate, extract, harden and melt from 3 to 10 milligrams of gold per liter (1.05 quarts) of urine. According to the study, more than 5,000 individual chemical compounds were found in the urine, and 388 of them have healing properties.

Which animals gave the best dirty benefit? The amount of gold varied depending on the age of the cow and the amount of feed it consumed. “In the samples of morning cows, the gold content is better than in evening cows. Calves have a maximum gold content, ”added Dholakia.

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Gear – also recorded gear – cows have a characteristic hump, a domed head, hanging ears and horns that grow down and back. They come from Gujarat, where they were domesticated, and recently used Brahman to create the American cattle breed.

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