Google and Facebook will leave employees “in the distance” until the end of the year

Google and Facebook will leave employees

Some employees will be able to return to offices in the summer, but most of them will remain at home.
Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Google and Facebook plan to leave most employees to work remotely until the end of the year. Relevant letters from the company were sent to their employees, the BBC reports on Friday.

So, the Google management sent a letter to employees stating that they would work remotely at least until October 2020, and possibly until the beginning of 2021.

However, some employees will be able to return to offices in June. But this applies only to specialists whose presence at the workplace is necessary for the smooth operation of information systems.

They came to a similar decision on Facebook. The company announced that employees can stay home until the end of 2020.

Most of the company’s offices will open no earlier than July 6. At the same time, the representative of Facebook noted that it has not yet been decided which employees will be asked to go to work in the office. Enhanced security measures will be introduced in offices to avoid an outbreak.

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Google launched a marathon against boredom on isolation

It was previously reported that Facebook will extend quarantine for employees until the end of the summer. And all public events of the company, in which more than 50 people participate, will be canceled until June 2021.