Google Chrome has become a threat to your privacy – American expert

Google Chrome has become a threat to your privacy - American expert

The multibillion-dollar army of users of the Google Chrome browser should seriously consider abandoning it completely and immediately, as it threatens their privacy. This is indicated by expert Zach Doffman in an article published in the American magazine Forbes.

Google came under fire this week when an unexpectedly large amount of user data collected by Chrome was exposed.

“This is a real threat to your privacy. There’s an even bigger problem for Google that hasn’t made headlines yet. Chrome is out of step with Safari, Edge and Firefox, debunking Google’s claims of privacy first. For these reasons, you need to seriously think about completely and immediately abandoning Chrome, ”the expert says.
He recalls that last year when Apple announced that it would force app developers to disclose the extent of user data collection, everyone turned their eyes to Google and Facebook. It was alarming, and that’s how it happened.

The problem for Google is that, unlike Facebook, this company sits on either side of the fence, the author of the article points out. On the one hand, it protects our privacy. This includes Android, mail, documents, and the storage ecosystem. On the other hand, she is an advertising colossus, earning more than $ 100 billion from advertisements, that is, most of her annual income. In this regard, Google is no different from Facebook.

“Google doesn’t care about protecting your privacy,” privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo warned this week when Chrome’s privacy policy was released. “The company only thinks about how to protect its surveillance-based business model. If Google really cared about privacy, it would simply stop spying on billions of people around the world. ”
As Cyjax Chief Information Officer Ian Thornton-Trump emphasizes, you cannot become a multi-billion dollar company without collecting as much data as possible to monetize it further.

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“It’s like a three-way intersection. You collect all the data you can, you collect all the data you need, or you collect the bare minimum of data. There are very, very few companies that collect such a bare minimum, ”he added.
Over the past decade, Internet users have witnessed a steady erosion of their privacy, Doffman said. Companies turn them and their data into a source of income.

“We’ve traded confidentiality for convenience. But when the world’s largest tech companies Google and Facebook generate the most ad revenues, and when those ads depend on your data and your use of their services, it’s a very wrong balance, ”he sums up.