Google search is the subject of antitrust investigations in the United States

By | June 5, 2020
Google search is the subject of antitrust investigations in the United States

As part of antitrust investigations against Google, US regulators are interested in how to limit the company’s power in the search market. This was stated by the head of DuckDuckGo Gabriel Weinberg (Gabriel Weinberg).

According to him, a few weeks ago the company answered questions from regulators in several states, as well as representatives of the US Department of Justice.

In particular, officials were interested in the opinion of the DDG regarding such an option as requiring Google to provide alternatives to the search engine on Android and the Chrome browser.

Weisberg invited regulators to abandon the idea of ​​an auction in favor of an unpaid “search preferences menu”. According to him, such a solution has already shown its effectiveness in Russia, where it has allowed to increase competition in the search market.

In 2010, Microsoft also created a similar non-auction menu. It displayed randomly the 5 largest web browsers by market share.

According to Weisberg, if the US introduces a similar model, it will allow them to bypass Europe as Google’s most effective regulator.

He also added that although the United States criticized for lagging behind Europe in this regard, the decision that has been introduced into the EU does not work in fact.

In response to a request for comment, Google said it continued to engage with authorities in ongoing investigations led by the US Department of Justice and the Texas Attorney General.

Recall that earlier the US Federal Trade Commission studied the issue of possible anti-competitive behavior of Google in the search advertising market. However, the regulator closed this investigation in 2013 after the company agreed to make changes to its business practices.

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