Governor of New York: “the worst is over”

Governor of New York: “the worst is over”

The authorities in New York and six other States will coordinate efforts to resume normal life in the region
The Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo announced that the worst of the pandemic coronavirus “already behind.” He and the governors of New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Delaware to develop a plan for the resumption of economic activities in the region, opening schools and other important elements of life.

Cuomo said Monday that he believes that the worst phase of the epidemic coronavirus probably took place.

“I think the worst is behind us, if we continue to act intelligently, said Cuomo at a daily briefing. I think we can start on the path to a normal life.”

At the same time, the Governor warned that if people didn’t continue to follow the established restrictions, the situation will worsen.

“The worst may be behind us, and behind it, if we don’t do anything reckless, he said. And you can flip these numbers over two or three days of reckless behavior”.

The Governor noted that, although the epidemic has peaked, there will be a few difficult weeks. He recalled how many people die from the virus.

Despite the fact that in connection with the virus has killed more than 5 thousand people, and almost 19 thousand remain in hospitals, Cuomo noted that most of the major indicators of the severity of the epidemic leveled or reduced.

Cuomo said health authorities and the economy of the six States will immediately begin to develop strategies to ease the restrictions that have virtually stopped a significant part of everyday life.

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Later in the office, Cuomo announced that this coalition will include Massachusetts. Of the seven state governors, only one is a Republican.

Cuomo announced that the officials involved in this work will be to “study the data, research results, experience of other countries and will provide recommendations and options for further action”.

“Let’s be smart, will cooperate and learn from each other”, – said the Governor of New York.

Seven States accounted for more than 325 thousand confirmed cases, more than half of the total number infected in the United States, and almost 14400 deaths, about 63 percent of the total number in the country.

In the teleconference, the governors stressed the importance of coherence to the actions of one state are not caused accidental damage to another and led to a new outbreak.

“We can create a system that will allow our residents to get back to work,” said Connecticut’s Governor, Ned Lamont.