Greek parliament approves purchase of Rafale fighters from France

Greek parliament approves purchase of Rafale fighters from France

The cost of the fighters is 2.3 billion euros. Greece will also buy air-to-air missiles compatible with the planes.
As part of the modernization of the armed forces, the Greek parliament approved the purchase of 18 fighters from France – 12 used and six new ones. The aircraft will join the Greek air force within two years, writes European truth.

The cost of the contract is 2.3 billion euros.

Apart from fighters Greece will also purchase air-to-air missiles compatible with them.

It was decided to buy the fighters because of the tense situation with neighboring Turkey. The two countries have a dispute over borders and rights to extract natural gas in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Experts fear military clashes.

The day before we wrote that Ukraine has started production of Neptun missile launchers. The Ukrainian Armed Forces will receive launchers, charging machines, and a mobile command post.

We would like to add that Belarus intends to buy S-400 air defense systems from Russia. There is no information about the number of air defense systems to be purchased.

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