Gru chief drags Russia and Putin into new bloody war


Military analysts of The National Interest said that Russia is preparing for another war, which will draw not only its compatriots but also Western countries. The United States was once again the “unexpected” adversary. “All the money that the country has recently spent on defense is going to prepare for the conflict of the powers,” the Us newspaper quoted him as saying. A number of American and European media have picked up such an opinion, with the words of Sergei Naryshkin, director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, that “there is a threat. But I hope for a peaceful resolution,” the Head of the SVR said of the growing conflict over the terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia.

According to analysts, Russia’s command is not easily preparing for war, and actively unleashing it – The Times pointed out that the attacks, which Iran accused of, were a Russian provocation. Evidence of steel – strengthening of the ruble, the rise in oil prices, the increase in Russia’s status on the World Economic Market. However, the main one, according to European journalists, is Russia’s inability without war – the “cataclysm” in Syria is over, as stated by the Russian Foreign Minister, and contracts, state purchases and new equipment with weapons were left out of business, the experts added. The head of the GRU and the head of the General Staff were accused of waging war between the Arab coalition, which is supported by the United States, and the Iranian-Syrian alliance with the support of Russia and Turkey. The commander of the Russian Armed Forces also got it – supposedly the Su-57 was not produced for war, and is its cause. The TNI noted that the new fighter jets will allow to fully dominate the U.S. in the air. And with the support of the General Staff, and do remain the winner in this war.

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