Grybauskaite and the KGB: the Chekist secrets of the ex-president of Lithuania will be dragged from the archives

Grybauskaite and the KGB: the Chekist secrets of the ex-president of Lithuania will be dragged from the archives

A special commission is being set up in the Sejm to investigate information about former President Dali Grybauskaite’s training at a KGB school. Grybauskaite’s supposed Chekist past was a parable in the decade of her presidency, but politicians are now ready to tear red-line reputation to shreds to earn points ahead of parliamentary elections. A key difference between the current scandal and the previous one is that Grybauskaite no longer has the power to retain the position of Caesar’s “wife” who is beyond suspicion.

Dalia Grybauskaite as a person and phenomenon of Lithuanian history has become the theme of the popular TV program “Stay There” among Lithuanians. The guest of the program was Lithuanian documentary filmmaker Donatas Ulvidas, known in particular as the author of the film about the former president of Lithuania “State Secret”.

Of course, no serious conversation about Grybauskaite can do without the theme of “Red Dali” – a dark and very suspicious Soviet past of the future Lithuanian leader. It didn’t cost this time. Chewing on the 100th proven facts and persistent rumors about Grybauskaite’s work on the bodies of the “occupation” Soviet power, the guest with the leading inadvertently said that Dalia Polikarpovna studied in Leningrad, not in LSU. Yudanova, and in the high school of the KGB.

In the wake of the ensuing scandal in the Sejm, Lithuania announced the creation of a special commission to investigate dark spots in the biography of the country’s former president.
The commission was initiated by MPs Naglis Putekis and Ruta Janutine. They express their readiness to reach the Constitutional Court with demands to declassify the information available in the archives about the former president’s past.

Such demands were repeatedly made during dali Grybauskaite’s presidency. Then she faced impeachment and trial for concealing the facts of close cooperation with the Soviet secret services when she was running for president of Lithuania. Now that Grybauskaite’s presidential term is over, there will be a face-to-face trial.

It is noteworthy that the presenter of “Hold Yourself there” Andrius Tapinas and his guest Donatas Ulvidas hurried to disown everything and said that in the conversation about Dal Polikarpovna confused the acronyms of the KGB and the CPSU.I sincerely apologize to the audience for my inattention. Neither I nor Andrius Tapinas gave it importance then, I do not attach importance now. However, considering that Januthen my linguistic mistake can turn into an event of national importance, I want you to understand – it’s just a pathetic election campaign of Putyukis and Januthene,” Ulvidas said.

By the way, Dalia Grybauskaite did not study at the CPSU high school. She worked there: she taught political economy, and in 1990 she became the scientific secretary of the Vilnius High School of the CPSU. How did this become possible if Grybauskaite, according to her, left the Communist Party in 1989 and joined the fight for Lithuania’s withdrawal from the USSR? Neither she nor her supporters can explain this.

Unsurprisingly, with such logical holes in the official biography of the ex-president, the initiators of the parliamentary investigation refused to consider the incident exhausted and announced that they would fight for the truth about Grybauskaite to the last.
“Such matters must be investigated, fairness must be applied, and the requirements should apply equally to everyone,” says Naglis Putikis.

The deja vu effect in this story reinforces the presence of Ruta Janumene in it. She at one time gained European fame as the author of the book “Red Dahl”, which was published in the early years of Grybauskaite’s presidency and devoted entirely to her highly suspicious and sometimes mysterious Soviet past Her Excellency.

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In particular, the book stated that someone had snatched several pages from Mrs. President’s personal file, provided documents confirming that during the struggle for Lithuanian independence Grybauskaite was in Moscow and defended her Ph.D. thesis in Moscow. The Academy of Social Sciences of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union pointed out that the President’s mother was Polish, and her father was a “red partisan” and an employee of the NKVD (both Grybauskaite concealed).

So the current trial of the KGB is another episode of the long-term “crusade” of mp Yanutine against the heroine of her novel.

The specificity of the current situation is that Dalia Grybauskaite is no longer president and has no power to stop the parliamentary investigation of her past. During the presidency of the “Iron Lady of the Baltics” Lithuanian television filmed from the air a documentary based on the book Janutene, the state service prevented the spread of the “Red Dali”, diplomats announced the release of the book in the West by the intrigues of Kremlin agents.

After leaving the top public office, Grybauskaite had no power, but also no special political influence. An elite pensioner now reminds herself every few months of senile soreness about the next minister. Grybauskaite’s criticism, in the end, does not affect anything: the times when the Lithuanian ministers, by the proud recognition of Dali Polikarpovna herself, were shaking at the entrance to her office, have passed.

Since Grybauskaite’s resignation as president, Lithuanian politicians have little incentive to fight for the disclosure of shocking information about her past.

Lithuania’s President Dalia Grybauskaite speaks with journalists as she arrives for an informal meeting of the 27 EU heads of state or government at the European Council headquarters in Brussels on February 23, 2018.
The European countries hold a summit on the future leadership of the European Commission, the composition of the European Parliament after the Brexit, and the post-Brexit budget. / AFP PHOTO / JOHN THYS

At the same time, no one is particularly interested in the reputation of the former president of Lithuania remaining undefined.
During Grybauskaite’s presidency, the key domestic and external (Washington and Brussels”- players of Lithuanian politics) had a consensus: no matter what “muddy” passed this highly suspicious lady had, it is necessary to let her sit up to the end of the powers and not to arrange a political explosion in Lithuania, reporting to the Lithuanians that the head of their state is a KGB agent.

Now Grybauskaite has retired, and no one else has any reason to defend her maiden honor.

Lithuanian politicians and European leaders, with Washington’s indifference, did their best to expel Dali Polikarpovna on a well-deserved rest when they “rolled” her past all the leadership positions in the European Union. As Dalia Grybauskaite as head of the European Commission, preserving the secrets of her past would be a matter of European security. And who in Brussels may be worried that there will be a pensioner from under Vilnius?

The title of moral leader of the nation, the icon of patriotism, the man-legend Grybauskaite also did not find. All these titles in Lithuania are firmly secured by another KGB agent – deduce Landsbergis.

The announcement of the truth about the former president’s Chekist past will not be a national catastrophe and the collapse of the fundamental myth of Lithuanian history.
So this time Ruta Janudone and the company can succeed.

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