Habib will not return to the octagonHabib will not return to the octagon


Nearly suffocated in Porter’s guillotine, the eagle didn’t even mention the fight with Ferguson.

The widely promoted UFC 242 show in Abu Dhabi though justified the funds invested by the MMA promotion, but also forced to make a stunning conclusion. Probably the winner of Saturday night’s title fight, Habib, will not return to the octagon. There are many reasons for this assumption. Discontent with UFC President Dana white absolutely not the spectacular (too sporty) style of fighting Nurmagomedov is just a nuance, which changes could be made in the relevant training.

The main negative “chip” – the health of Habib. A two-year career break after a knee injury and a broken rib are making themselves felt to this day. In addition, the “isogone” for the “eagle” could have ended in death several times, while the press discussed the only isolated case. It was hard not to notice how stress Nurmagomedov out of the comfort of the stalls in the rack. The legendary “Strangler” was almost strangled by a pronounced drummer-it is worth considering.

It is strange that the American’s coaches did not focus his attention on this winning moment. Completing an incomplete register of the reasons why Habib will leave MMA, it is worth recalling the words of Sheikh Hassan Ali, who translated the name of the winner of the battle in Abu Dhabi, as “the prophet’s Favorite light.” For a devout Muslim, these are not just words, but a guide to action. Nurmagomedov can’t leave defeated from the hands of “infidels”.

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Nearly suffocated in Porier’s guillotine, the eagle did not even mention the fight with Tony Ferguson, citing a desire to rest. Although the bout with Dustin, Dagestani always and everywhere turned to Tony, say “you’re next”. Does Nurmagomedov change your mind, passing through the blade in Abu Dhabi?
Habib makes a strange impression on the interlocutors. He constantly, gradually, proves his masculinity, loyalty to ancient religious traditions, uncompromising in dealing with opponents. At the same time, Nurmagomedov is marked by multiple “jambs” in civil life, for which his famous father and mentor Abdulmanal should blush. When Habib leaves the professional octagon, he will become completely unpredictable.