Hackers hacked the mailbox of German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Hackers hacked the mailbox of German Chancellor Angela Merkel

At the disposal of the criminals was 16 GB of personal correspondence of the German Chancellor for several years.
A hacker nicknamed Scaramouche on May 8, 2015, as a result of a cyberattack on the computer of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, gained access to her two email addresses. This was announced on Friday, May 8, by the German publication Spiegel According to him, the mailboxes contained the chancellor’s correspondence for 2012-2015, an attacker could gain access to data with a total volume of at least 16 GB.

The investigation believes that Russian military intelligence is behind the hacker attack. At the same time, on May 5, the German Prosecutor General’s Office put Russia’s Dmitry Badin on the international wanted list, accusing him of involvement in a cyberattack on the Bundestag’s network.

The Russian side has repeatedly rejected suspicions of involvement in hacker attacks. None of the German law enforcement agencies has ever provided evidence in support of the media version about cybercriminals’ ties with Moscow.

Recall that earlier cybercriminal intended to intercept the financial assistance that the German government pays to entrepreneurs because of the coronavirus crisis.

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