Haftar quarrels with Russian “soldiers of fortune”

Haftar quarrels with Russian

The commander of the Libyan national army (LNA) Khalifa Haftar refused to pay the salaries of the soldiers of private military companies (PMCs) Wagner. Write about the Arab media with reference to sources in the self-proclaimed forces of Field Marshal. According to this, differences between the Haftarot and mercenaries, which the West considered to be an instrument of Russian policy made themselves felt at the beginning of this year, when the negotiated Russia and Turkey, the truce was rejected.

The data between a commander and “soldiers of fortune” there is a dispute, sources have confirmed Arabic Post. According to them, the Haftarot owed PMC Wagner over $150 million since the end of last year. The reason for the delay is not a lack of funds and the terms and conditions of the contract signed by the group and the command of the LDF. Haftar is unhappy that the mercenaries turned their direct participation in hostilities. Now, according to this, PMC Wagner limited to providing technical support, repair military vehicles, artillery support, and consultation on how electronic countermeasures. The Post Arabic sources claim that between the group and warlords regularly there are disputes, especially after the recent successes on the ground forces of the internationally recognized Government of national consensus (NTC) headed by Faiz by Sarraj.

Signs of significant differences, according to these data, there was at the beginning of this year, when Haftar refused to comply with the agreed Russia and Turkey agreed on a cease-fire in Libya. In mid-January, the military commander has arrived in Moscow together with Sarraj for negotiations about the further destiny of the fighting. The event took place under the supervision of Russian and Turkish diplomats and the military. However, understanding has not been reached: the Haftarot left the capital, expressing complete disregard to the efforts of Russian diplomacy. The Post Arabic sources say that the group of Wagner withdrew about 500 soldiers from the active zone of conflict. Moreover, the commanders of the PMC tried as alternatives to engage non-professional fighters from Syria, Belarus, and Serbia — to slow down the degree of charges against Russia. However, as a result, these people were extremely inefficient in recent clashes with the NTC forces, who have a wide range of Turkish support.

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The first dispute between PMC Wagner and Haftarot said international experts report to the UN Committee that monitors compliance with the arms embargo. They reported that the number transferred to the former Jamahiriya Russian “soldier of fortune” could exceed one thousand people. The transit was carried out, according to UN experts, in the period from August 2018 to August 2019. Their report states that Wagner PMCs provide technical assistance to aircraft repair technicians, perform the functions of artillery officers and front-line air traffic controllers, and also provide recommendations on electronic countermeasures. Despite the fact that the study, the details of which were published by international agencies, refers to some contradictions between the mercenaries and Haftar, their essence is not disclosed in detail. The report itself is based solely on open-source data, which, according to the experts themselves, they failed to verify on their own.

It is possible that if the alleged dispute grows, Haftar may lose much more than his strategic position. As the latest offensive by the PNS showed, the military leader is in an extremely vulnerable position.