Half-minute COVID test appeared

By | May 13, 2020
Half-minute COVID test appeared

The developed test system can detect not only COVID-19 in the initial stages but also other viruses.
In Iran, scientists have developed a test system using nanomaterials that determines the coronavirus in half a minute, Mehr reported.
The novelty was demonstrated on Tuesday in the presence of Iran’s Vice President of Science and Technology Soren Sattari.
Nano test is able to detect the presence or absence of coronavirus within 30 seconds with an accuracy of 95%.
It is noted that the test system can detect COVID-19 in the initial stages, as well as other viruses.
So far, the test system produced by Kimia, a nanotechnology research company, has not passed certification.
Recall, previously, scientists developed an ultrafast coronavirus test, which can be done at home.

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