More than half of Swiss vote for burqa ban

More than half of Swiss vote for burqa ban

In a March 7 referendum, more than 53% of Swiss voted in favor of doing away with clothes covering the face.

In Switzerland, burqas, niqabs, and other similar clothes can be worn only in mosques, Russia 24 reported. The rule will apply to all residents and guests of the country. Nor will balaclavas be allowed during demonstrations and rallies.

The face will be able to cover for medical reasons or weather conditions.

The author of the initiative is the conservative Swiss People’s Party. The ban should come into force within two years in all Swiss cantons.

In other European countries, similar decisions were taken earlier, too. In France, it has been forbidden to wear clothes covering the face in public places since July 2010. Denmark introduced the ban in 2018. In Germany, women are forbidden to cover their faces in public office and while driving. Restrictions on the niqab also apply in other European countries.

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