“Hand out of nowhere”. The Network users were scared by the image of a century ago.

By | October 9, 2020

Network users were afraid of an old photo where they could see an unknown hand on the shoulder of one of the women.
One of the participants of the Mumsnet forum published a black and white photo of 1900, which depicts the workers of a linen factory in Belfast. She suggested users to guess what is unusual about this photo.
Soon one of the forum participants noticed a lone hand lying on the shoulder of one of the factory’s workers. At the same time, a colleague crossed her hands on her chest behind her back, which disproves the version that it was her hand.
Many users of the Network were afraid of the “discovery” and assumed that the photo is proof of the existence of supernatural forces.
“Now I will fall asleep with the light on,” complained Cheesymay.
“It’s late enough, I was going to go to bed and now I saw it,” wrote Rookie93.
“Oh, that frightening hand that came out of nowhere,” said itchy finger.