Hawaiian pizza proposed to ban due to colonial oppression

By | June 24, 2020
Hawaiian pizza proposed to ban due to colonial oppression

Hawaiian pizza means the colonization and oppression of Hawaii. The Swiss left spoke about changing the name of this dish.
Left-wing political activists in Switzerland want to ban calling pizza with pineapples “Hawaiian” due to the fact that this name refers to the colonial era and the oppression of Polynesian aborigines, writes 20min.ch.

“Order pizza with pineapple instead of Hawaiian pizza,” the initiators call.

They explain that Hawaii was originally inhabited by Polynesians and was annexed by the United States in 1898.

A pineapple, allegedly, was necessary for the colonization process. “It was introduced by settlers in the 19th century and was the main export product of the plantation industry. The local population was used by white settlers to grow pineapples,” the left-wing politicians say.

Pizza with pineapples has nothing to do with the culture of the indigenous people of Hawaii. At the same time, activists emphasize, the natives remain in a depressed position and do not have rights to their own territories.

Based on all this, it is proposed to change the name of the Hawaiian pizza.

As previously reported, Uncle Ben’s brand will change its logo due to racial protests.

Korrespondent.net also wrote that in the United States, a former pastor suggested demolishing the statues of Christ. According to the ex-pastor, the fair-skinned Jesus Christ is a form of reflection of the superiority of the white race.

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