Heart Frau kantele was broken by the news that “Russia hacked” her e-mail in 2015.

The German intelligence services, which are still investigating, almost immediately called the perpetrators of this incident: a “worm” was launched into the computer system of the parliament by the “Russians”. American colleagues supported their accusations.

Heart Frau kantele was broken by the news that “Russia hacked” her e-mail in 2015.

And it “causes pain” have Angela Merkel, she publicly admitted, speaking with a sorrowful expression in the Bundestag. She is trying to build better relations” with Moscow, and in response to such ingratitude, that it is time to introduce sanctions. Well, or to punish Russia in some other way.

Why this story was pulled into the light right now, is unknown. But once she successfully emerged on the background of the scandal between Berlin and Brussels about the “violations of the laws of the EU” on the part of Germany that had opposed the EC buying government bonds of Eurozone countries.

Contradictions, of course, there are old, but they intensified after Germany did not want to act as a “cash cow” for the weaker European countries. And here in Berlin suddenly remembered “a convenient lightning rod” in the face of Russia.

First, the long-standing investigation of the incident wrote to the German media, and then Frau Merkel addressed the Parliament, stating that Russia “continues to wage hybrid war”, there is very bad and generally engaged in “confusion and distortion of facts.”

Accusations are accusations, but the evidence, as always, weak. The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry called it “a recent example from the category of highly likely”.

“Five years have passed. Not a single concrete fact is not brought,” – said Sergey Lavrov in an online interview

Intruder in the German Parliament
The history of hacking, which the German Spigel reminded a few days ago, happened five years ago, that day when the Bundestag held events dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the surrender of Nazi Germany. And while Angela Merkel hosted on a computer system of the Bundestag “wandered” uninvited guest by the name of Scaramouche. Missed cyber sleuthing and study the Frau kantslerin.

The whole IT-system of the German Parliament was then paralyzed. To rectify the situation and “dig” running in “worm” specialists only a few days. But five years later, the German intelligence agencies did not know exactly what the hacker and his assistants were able to pull out of the computers of the Bundestag. We only know that the amount of leakage was approximately 16 GB, including several thousand letters from e-mail Frau kantslerin. And the name of the band Fancy Bear no confusing: these “fashion bears” what has not been hacked by “state sponsor of leadership from Moscow.”

What is the evidence? Why do you need them? The Americans have confirmed that “Russian hacked” which means you have to believe. In Washington, the same will not lie, it is known to all. So under Hillary Clinton, these “bears GRU officers” were digging by cracking the mailbox of the democratic party, then allegedly disappeared the dirt on “the candidate of Moscow” of Donald Trump.

The FBI, BSI, and even Insider
Soon sounded and the name of the attacker – Dmitry Badin. He started the alleged attack that the attacker and his assistants (if any) sent to members of the Bundestag letters about the conflict in Ukraine. Then badin-Scaramouche and had the opportunity to delve into the computers of the Parliament and the Chancellor.

It is interesting that the German security services did not explain for what reason exactly badin called a “key figure” behind the hacking the IT network of the Bundestag. Poked in him all.

However, earlier Badin tied with the “bears – officers of the GRU” and a few daring hackers attack the investigative publication the Insider and the organization of Bellingcat. Shortly thereafter, the FBI announced Badin is wanted in connection with the hacking of the US Democratic party. And now they called him guilty in a German break-in. Right tireless “evil genius” this badin – time to interfere in everything and everywhere.

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“Frau Merkel, we listen to you”
Accused Angela Merkel, speaking before the deputies of the Bundestag, said that the evidence linking Russia to the attack “the most serious”, and the incident, she said, “absolutely monstrous”, Russia’s actions “outrageous.”

Germany “reserves the right “to retaliate”, said Merkel, almost stamping her foot. And if angry Frau kantslerin seven years ago, when floated to the surface an ugly story with wiretapping her phone, which already in 2002 led American intelligence agencies? The phone continued to listen almost at the moment when in 2013 in Berlin with a visit to President Barack Obama.

In the same 2013 thanks to the revelations of Edward Snowden became aware of the fact that the NSA is quite comfortably settled in Germany, engaged in electronic spying, and the total collection of information available in communication networks. The German public was outraged, and that the German authorities? But nothing much against the “host” will go…

A double agent in German intelligence
A year later, the German counter-intelligence has exposed a CIA agent in the ranks of the German intelligence service BND. It got loud: spy on the investigation of spies.

A curious detail: at first, the detained double agent, employee of the German foreign intelligence accused of passing classified information to Russia – well, who else? However, the investigation revealed that the suspect worked for U.S. intelligence agencies and gave them information about the work of the Special Commission of the Bundestag. Then in Germany, the situation was called “a blatant attack on the freedom of parliament and in general on German democratic institutions” and was outraged by the fact that the “friendly power” engaged in this kind of espionage. However, the scandal was soon hushed up, and Langley and Pullah calmly continued their cooperation. Were there any consequences for these incidents? Yes, no – no sanctions, no serious grievances, no footsteps of indignant German politicians. A bit of media rumbled, several offending statements by officials sounded – and nothing more. Yes, and how to murmur and stomp here, if in the country – American troops and nuclear weapons. So you can fail from the stamping.

The only thing that comforts the German Federal Information Security Administration a bit is that the hackers didn’t get to Merkel’s account in her office. After all, it is here that all sensitive and top-secret information is stored.

Fashion Bears and Putin Militants
The German intelligence services, which are still investigating, almost immediately called the perpetrators of this incident: a “worm” was launched into the computer system of the parliament by the “Russians”. American colleagues supported their accusations.

The hacker was undoubtedly a “GRU officer” (and do not argue, the FBI clearly examined the bear who dragged the parachute behind the hacker). Moreover, the cyber intruder was probably one of those same “secret Putin militants” – specialists of the 29155 unit.