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Heartbroken Mayweather ‘CANCELS 2020 fight plans’

American boxer Floyd Mayweather abandoned plans to return to battle in 2020. It is reported by TMZ Sports.
The 42-year-old’s decision was influenced by the death of loved ones: on March 11, the mother of three boxer children, Josie Harris, was found dead in her own car, and then Mayweather learned about the death of Uncle Roger, a former professional boxer and trainer Floyd.

In addition, the emotional state of the boxer was affected by the death of his friend and former Los Angeles Lakers basketball player Kobe Bryant. Also, according to TMZ, the athlete is concerned about the situation with the spread of coronavirus.
The media repeatedly raised the topic of a possible Mayweather fight with Russian mixed-style fighter (MMA) Khabib Nurmagomedov. March 3 it was reported that the American expects to earn $ 600 million for the fight. He explained a similar amount by the fact that he considers this confrontation risky for himself.
In December 2018, Mayweather held an exhibition match in Japan, and in August 2017 he defeated the Irishman, Conor McGregor, also a representative of MMA.
Mayweather has 50 wins in professional boxing.

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