Houston and Phoenix authorities prohibit police from using asphyxiates

By | June 9, 2020
Houston and Phoenix authorities prohibit police from using asphyxiates

The authorities of Houston (Texas) and Phoenix (Arizona) will forbid police officers to use asphyxiated.
This was announced on Tuesday by their official representatives.
Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner at a farewell ceremony with African-American George Floyd, who died after being detained in Minneapolis, Minnesota, said he would sign the relevant executive decree. According to Turner, whose performance was broadcast by the central channels, law enforcement officers in the city will be banned from “suffocating seizures and receptions.” As the mayor noted, other measures will be taken to improve the quality of police work.

On Twitter, the Phoenix Police Department says its employees will no longer use asphyxiates. In addition, law enforcement officers will not be taught such techniques.
“We will not be able to work if the population does not trust us, there are a number of measures that we can take to build confidence,” the department noted.
US Attorney General William Barr, in an interview with Fox News reporters on Monday, spoke out in favor of a ban on strangling seizures by police in the country. According to him, an exception could be a situation where there is a danger to the life of a police officer.

Last week, representatives of several cities and states expressed their willingness to introduce a ban on the use of smothering seizures by police. Among them are the states of New York and California, as well as Minneapolis.
In late May, protests began in several US states, during which clashes with the police, numerous cases of looting and vandalism took place. The reason for this was the death of Floyd in Minneapolis. The guards used strangulation during his detention on May 25. Soon after, the African American died in the hospital. A day later, all four police officers involved in the detention were fired, and the following days they were charged.

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