Houston police chief suggested Trump “shut his mouth”

Houston police chief suggested Trump

Houston police chief Art Acevedo commented on the discontent of US President Donald Trump’s “governors” weakness in the situation with the pogroms.
Acevedo “on behalf of all the police chiefs,” the US told Trump: “Please if you can’t say anything constructive, shut your mouth.” According to him, Trump “endangers men and women, who are barely over 20.” According to the chief of police, it is necessary not to “dominate”, but to “gain favor”. He urged not to confuse “kindness with weakness,” noting that he did not want “ignorance to destroy what he is dealing with here in Houston.”

The police chief emphasized that Trump “has come to become a real president, and not act like a newbie,” because “this is not Hollywood, this is real life, and real lives are at risk,” RT reports citing CNN.

Addressing the Americans, he called for “moving the dispute to the polls.”

Acevedo noted that “the issue here is not only the work of the police”, but also “the disproportionality of a lot of what is happening in the country, starting with education, ending with health care and food.” According to him, “the only thing that will overcome hatred is love.”

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On Tuesday, Trump “strongly recommended” the governors to “deploy the National Guard in sufficient numbers to dominate the street.” Trump said that he would “deploy the US armed forces” and “quickly solve this problem” if “some city or state refuses to take the actions necessary to protect the lives and property of residents”.