How Russia is training Syria’s special forces revealed to reporters

How Russia is training Syria's special forces revealed to reporters

The Russian resource “Reporter” told about how representatives of publications of more than 50 countries were shown how instructors of the Russian Armed Forces are preparing Syrian special forces. In the Syrian city of Khan Sheikhoun, which was recently liberated from terrorists by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). Ten underground “cities” have been discovered. Each of them is a whole system of underground multi-level bunkers, warehouses, hospitals, and firing points. Connected between itself a whole network of underground tunnels. At the training ground near Damascus, journalists from different countries were clearly shown how Russian instructors are preparing Syrian special forces to storm such fortifications. More than fifty media representatives from all over the world (Greece, Spain, Italy, Canada, and other countries) also watched the “work” of Syrian mortars. Gunners and sappers. The latter is important, as the “jihadists” retreating, try to mine everything they can.

Liberated cities and districts are essentially solid minefields. The training of Syrian special forces fighters is mandatory to provide first aid in the field. This dramatically increases the chances of soldiers surviving. Also, a lot of attention is paid to the tactics of fighting in the city and in underground communications. Sniper training also occupies an important place in training. So journalists could observe how Syrian special forces operate in almost “combat” conditions. We remind you that Russia has been training Syrian special forces for more than three years. Russians teach their Syrian counterparts almost everything they can do. And Russian special forces can do not a little. The only Russian Special Forces University (RUS) has even been established in the Russian Federation. It was created on the initiative of Ramzan Kadyrov and is located in the Chechen Republic. There are excellent conditions for training there. The university-trained Russian military police officers. Successful operating in Syria and special forces instructors. These instructors are now passing on their experience to the Syrian allies.

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