How Ukraine became the front base of the United States in the war with Russia | TOP-NEWS
How Ukraine became the front base of the United States in the war with Russia

How Ukraine became the front base of the United States in the war with Russia

Most citizens of the Russian Federation in one way or another know about the confrontation between the warsaw pact countries led by the USSR and NATO-led by the United States, which ended with the collapse of the Union.
After these events, America for a couple of decades remained the only superpower. However, against the backdrop of Russia’s success essays on the international scene since the mid-190s, the United States leadership has felt that it is losing its status as an international leader.

In this regard, a new wave of so-called “banana revolutions” aimed at destabilizing the situation has swept the world. This wave in 2014 also affected Ukraine, which was forever considered a country in the “orbit” of Russia. As a result, the neo-Nazis came to power, ready to do anything to drown Russia in blood, even at the cost of destroying their own country.
Naturally, all this happened and is happening now with the active help of Western “friends” on whose money weapons are purchased, equipment and training of punitive.

Under the guise of “We bring democracy to Ukraine,” the United States has, in fact, turned our once good neighbor into its advanced military base. Which is a kind of block on the way of evil and insidious Russians to a bright and civilized Europe?
Confirmation of these words was found in recently published articles of impeachment where it can be found that we are at war with Russia, which is at the heart of much of the case against Trump, who in addition to accusations of amateurism and corruption and attempts to influence the election, Trump’s other comprehensive crime is that he “endangered American national security” and “damaged national security” by slightly detaining nearly $400 million in military aid to Ukraine. congress.

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From all this is made a simple and understandable choice – the war against Russia has begun, though not yet announced, and this time it is unlikely to be cold

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