"Huge underground complex" found in Syria

“Huge underground complex” found in Syria

In Idlib province, Syria, the “underground war” has taken on “industrial” proportions. Military expert Vladislav Shurygin writes about it in Izvestia.

The author shared his impressions of a visit to a “huge underground complex” discovered in the republic while clearing a mountainous area liberated from militants near the town of Khan Sheikhoun, where up to three thousand people could have been hiding for several months.

“When we went down to it during a recent trip to Syria, our usual ideas about what such objects look like suddenly collapsed. Instead of the usual field fortifications in front of us was a huge underground fortress. The scale of it is terrifying. Dozens of limestone-cut caves are connected by an extensive network of tunnels. In his opinion, such an object was built for several years, for which special equipment (passing shields) was used. “The caves are made of strong and neat pouring floors, and in the living areas laid ceramic tiles and even marble, all the walls are painted and plastered, the ventilation system is made, electricity is laid everywhere, there is running water, sewerage is equipped. There is even an underground hospital with equipped operating theatres and resuscitation rooms,” the author writes.

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Earlier in September, Shurygin reported that the Hmeimim airbase in the Latakia area of Syria, where the Russian Air and Space Forces (ASS) is located, was “covered” by an impenetrable 400-kilometer protective dome, resulting in any aircraft The device, which was unauthorized in the 60-kilometer zone with a center near the airbase, will be immediately destroyed.

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